College Debt Management

Student debt may be inevitable, but it can be managed to save you money in the long run. College debt management can give you financial flexibility.

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College Debt Management

Sometimes families have no choice but to take loans in order to pay for college.  There are several types of loans that families can take – loans taken by students and/or parents and/or private and federal loans.   All of these loans can have a long-lasting impact on a student or parents’ financial picture and goals. 

Unfortunately, many families are forced to take the loans for college and hope they figure it out later.  If families have to take out loans, the key is to have a plan on how they are going to pay them back.  I help families create that payback plan by clarifying the terms of the loans (because the terms of the loans can be convoluted) and exploring the best strategies to pay the loan back in as little time as possible.  By doing so, families can save several years of interest payments and redirect that money to further their own financial security.

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