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Financial Aid Forms

Financial Aid Forms

One of the most tedious and daunting parts of applying to college are filling out the financial aid forms. Some families believe (and more often than not, mistakenly) that they are not going to get any financial aid so then why bother. Whether families believe that they are going to get financial aid, families should always fill out the FAFSA. Why go through all the trouble? First of all, this is the application where families find out what the Department of Education expects them to be able to pay for college (the EFC). The sooner families know this number, the sooner they can plan. Secondly, for merit money, more often than not, schools ask that you fill in the FAFSA anyway so that they have an initial picture of your finances. Although merit money is based on merit, schools still want to know who they are giving their money to. Lastly, although FAFSA applies to only federal aid, it is the precursor to the CSS Profile which is required by many private schools. These are just a few reasons why the financial aid forms are important. Under the Financial Aid Forms program, families are guided through the process of filling out the paperwork, gathering all the necessary documents and filing everything out on time. We also walk families through the negotiation and appeals process, if necessary. Filing the financial aid forms takes a lot of time, accuracy and patience to complete and submit the paperwork correctly the first time. This program takes the stress and pressure off the parent.

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