Comprehensive College Planning

Looking for guidance about the college admissions process and financial aid strategies to pay for college? You’ve found it!

College Financial Planning

Tanya helps families plan for college by gathering their financial information, calculating their possible financial aid eligibility and then analyzing the data to create the most efficient plan to pay for college.  She meets parents where they are in their financial picture and will take into account whether parents have been able to save for college, their current assets and cash flow.

Tanya can provide a side-by-side comparison of the schools that your child has applied to and how a family can afford each school. She builds a step-by-step plan with the family to pay for college and minimize any debt after graduation.

Scope of work may include, but is not limited to:

  • Calculation of federal and institutional estimated family contribution (EFC) based on family’s finances
  • Evaluate options to lower family’s EFC and review financial aid options
  • Review of family financial data and creation of customized college financial plan
  • Provide cash flow, debt consolidation, tax capacity, and other applicable planning strategies to pay for college
  • Assistance with FAFSA and CSS Profile preparation/submission and other forms
  • Guidance through the appeals and negotiation processes and any change in circumstances (when applicable)
  • Student loan consolidations and debt management
  • Annual reviews

Client Testimonials

“Tanya saved my relationship with my daughter during the highly stressful, months-long college research and application process. She told me Tanya provided her with so much moral support as to all her decisions that she felt very comfortable confiding in her through every step of the process in a way. Tanya was also very knowledgeable about colleges all over the country. The moment we danced around the kitchen after she found out she was accepted Early Decision to her absolute first choice, Tufts, was a memory I will carry in my heart forever. Tanya is Worth. Every. Penny -- don't hesitate."



“Tanya was very thoughtful about our situation and helped us understand the financial aid process. We will go back to her every year while our son is in college to guide us through the process.”



“Tanya did a great job in researching the issues I needed to understand regarding college curriculums and financial aid for a reasonable price. She saved me hours and hours of work!”



“I was surprised to learn that families with six-digit incomes can still be eligible for need-based financial aid.”



“Thank you for helping me understand the financial aid process and the importance of filing the FAFSA as soon as possible. You made a confusing world of paperwork and numbers so much easier to understand and complete. So grateful for you!!”



“I really enjoyed the workshop that Tanya Aure presented on how to pay for college. I found her workshop very informative, she gave us a wealth of information and tips that came in handy.”



“We had no idea how we were going to pay for college for our son. After working with Tanya, we are in a much better position to pay for college and are relieved to have a plan in place. Thank you, Tanya.”



How to Connect

Strategy Session

Request an in-depth consultation with Tanya to discuss your concerns about how the college admissions and financial aid processes work, where your student is in the college process and how you, as parents, are planning on paying for their education.

This is a 30-minute consultation.