Meet Tanya

Divorce Financial Strategist, College Planning Expert, Compassionate Advocate

My first career was as a legal editor focusing on corporate governance in Washington, DC. I edited several legal manuscripts and wrote/edited articles for nationally distributed newsletters. After my first son was born, my family moved back to San Diego (we had done a short stint in San Diego from 2001 – 2004). After my second son was born, my marriage came to an end. Having to return to the workforce, I went into the financial industry as a certified college financial consultant (CCFC) because I was concerned for my kids’ own 529s during the divorce. I expanded my financial practice when I was recruited to join a divorce education organization. I obtained my certified divorce financial analyst credential (CDFA®) to help divorcing couples through the process. Today, I work mostly on divorce cases with college financial planning being part of my toolbox when divorcing couples have children interested in going to college.

Experience, Education, Commitment, Family

On a personal note, I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I obtained my B.A, in English and History from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. I continued my education and graduated with my JD from Case Western School of Law. I lived in Washington, DC, for several years, but have lived in San Diego now for almost 20 years.

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